Coaching is the best method for developing lasting behavior change. Your coach gives you feedback and regularly reminds you of your goal step by step until you succeed to develop the positive leadership behavior you need to evolve.

Are you a:

General manager who wants to have:

A more collaborative management team, more energy and power to influence your people and managers who solve problems quickly?

Corporate manager desiring to:

Make the right career decisions, be a great leader, respected and admired by your team & colleagues and change negative behaviors which can stop your career evolution?

Human Resources managers who needs to:

Help talented leaders develop successfully for bigger roles, develop leadership capabilities across the company and develop a coaching culture whereby managers support their employees to succeed?

  • Eduard designed business development programs and has coached both internal sales managers as well as external business partners for a successful implementation. As an architect and engine of the success of our sales team his work has also been recognised as a Global Leadership Best-Practice. I highly recommend Eduard as a Leadership Coach who can bring out the best in leaders and organisations.  

    Jan Derck van KarnebeekRegional President CEE Heineken

“You must be the change you wish to see in your company.”

Program content

  • Defining goals and desired outcome of coaching program.
  • Gathering confidential feedback from your team and relevant stakeholders when appropriate.
  • Analysis of overall feedback aiming to reach genuine, real awareness.
  • We plan the behaviors you are committed to change or strengthen.
  • Step by step we will review status in a supportive, non-judgmental manner.
  • The overall three part process includes: guided exploration, questioning and challenging to achieve the change you desire.


Individual client
One to one meetings with coachee.

Corporate client
One to one meetings with coachee, manager, HR lead and colleagues to gather feedback.


Month 1
1-2 hour sessions per week

Months 2 – 6
1-2 hour sessions every 3-4 weeks

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