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Can you imagine a company progressing without

  • a company goal that focuses resources
  • an engaged leadership team focused on the same goal
  • teams and departments that collaborate interdependently

  • a financial incentive for employees aligned with the company goal
  • the energy and confidence that their work matters and is appreciated
  • each department’s awareness of their performance

Company benefits

Inspiring company goal

to which all employee can relate their contribution to

Increased commitment

of Leadership Team and Line Managers to company goal

Higher confidence

in Leadership Team and in the company goal.

  • Eduard designed business development programs and has coached both internal sales managers as well as external business partners for a successful implementation. As an architect and engine of the success of our sales team his work has also been recognised as a Global Leadership Best-Practice. I highly recommend Eduard as a Leadership Coach who can bring out the best in leaders and organisations.  

    Jan Derck van KarnebeekRegional President CEE Heineken

“Individually you are one drop, together you are an ocean.”

Highlighted sessions

The leadership team is  supported with designing and rolling out an annual communication plan to ensure that all employees know, are aligned and contribute towards the company goal.


  • Surveying engagement level of organization
  • Analyzing survey results & set target for 12 months.
  • Communicating survey results and creating engagement action plans

Define & communicate goal

  • Defining company objective
  • Translating the objective in simple and memorable language for the organization
  • Communicating the objective to all employees
  • Making the objective relevant for each department and team member

Align KPIs and incentives

  • Aligning the Performance and Incentive Process in support of the company objective
  • Aligning the KPIs of leadership team and -1 level
  • Reward employees, managers and leaders according to achieved results

Follow-up & reporting results

  • Reporting monthly progress on KPIs in transparent and relevant way to all employees
  • Surveying engagement level of organization
  • Analyzing survey results versus target
  • Communicating survey results create new engagement action plans

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