Management Excellence

Managers learn how to achieve results through others, how to set goals, delegate, influencing, solve problems creatively and most importantly how to maintain a positive attitude in spite of challenges such as pushing for productivity or resolving conflicts.

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Leading effective teams

Great leadership is always about great team leadership. The program reveals the 6 habits which create and maintain effective teams.

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Leading change

Learn to create the sense of urgency, to focus attention on the benefits, on a clear direction, to help those that need help, to challenge those that need the extra push and to include those who can make the biggest difference.

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Coaching with impact

Leaders learn the key steps, attitude and power of coaching hands on. The results focused coaching process is practiced, observed and improved be each participant.

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Finance for Non Finance Manager

Our challenge is to increase business contribution through a better understanding of financial implications and tools.

The Elite Negociator™

By the end of this training program, participants will be able to negotiate ethically avoiding making mistakes during the negotiation process.

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