Management Excellence

The program utilizes the powerful business simulation Executive Perspectives© method to reveal management excellence through: leadership concepts, team training, business challenges, time and resource constraints, decision making, real-time feedback and coaching.


  • How to engage and motivate people
  • How to build trust within your team and organization
  • How to communicate with impact
  • How to lead effectively different people and situations

Who is the training for?

  • Managers
  • General Managers
  • Business owners
  • Team leaders

What will you take away

Management strategies

utilised by Fortune 500 companies to drive employee engagement increases

The management style

that you can effectively apply, in stressful situations, intense collaboration and conflict

What opportunities

of development you have based on the personalised feedback received from the trainer

“Great leadership is always great team leadership.”

Program outline:

Management vs. leadership

  • Effective models of management and leadership.
  • The three sources that can light up or put out motivation.
  • The triangle of trust that creates engagement.
  • Intangible values amplify motivation.
  • The source of influence that opens colaboration.
  • Resolving conflict ensures client satisfaction.

Interactive program

  • The program is highly interactive.
  • You will have business objective to achieve, resources to allocate, deadlines to respect and clients to satisfy.
  • You will be out of your comfort zone, make critical decisions and collaborate intensely.
  • You will have the opportunity to practice your management style in more than one rounds.

Real-time feedback

  • Each team receives feedback based on their critical decisions and chosen management style.
  • Feedback is given on three dimensions: key performance indicators, employee engagement and client satisfaction.
  • Participants will receive personalised feedback from the trainers based on their teams’ results.
Today’s employees need the purpose, flexibility and freedom to decide how to best achieve their tasks. Companies that create these ways of working achieve superior results in customer satisfaction, higher sales and employee engagement.
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