The Elite Negotiator™

“The Elite Negotiator™” is a very simple, concise, yet powerful and effective program to help the participant get the outmost from each and every negotiation. It is a highly unique negotiation training on the market.

Program Objectives

  1. Properly and effectively prepare a negotiation
    •  determine the objectives and limits of negotiation
    •  select the right strategies and tactics
    •  estimate the power levels of the parties
  2. Run an effective negotiation meeting
    • lead the bargaining process
    • effective use of negotiation tactics
    • unblock the impasse
  3. Implement impeccably the agreed deal
    • write the negotiation meetings summaries
    • write the Memorandum of Agreement
    • monitor the implementation
  4. Negotiate ethically
  5. Effectively negotiate in specific situations
    • as a team
    • with difficult personalities
  6. Avoid making mistakes during the negotiation process

Who is the training for?

  • Managers – Production, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Logistics, Human Resources
  • Purchasing Managers & Specialists
  • Managers of teams
  • Department, Division and Branch Managers

Learning Methodology


3 – days, 8 hours/day packed with real – life information and exercises

Interactive and highly practical

16 negotiation exercises and simulations, video recorded


immediate return on investment: the cost of the training is  recovered from the next negotiation.

“The Elite Negotiator™ is a remarkable and important book on negotiating. Every important aspect of negotiating is deeply and thoughtfully examined. The assessment of what to consider, the sources of “power”, what to do at each stage of a  negotiation, and the role of ethics and principles are first – rate.”

John E. Pepper Jr – former Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, Procter & Gamble

Training Agenda

Day - 1

Preparing the negotiation

Day - 2

Preparing the negotiation – part II.
The negotiation meeting

Day - 3

Deal implementation
Special hot topics: ethics, team negotiation,
phone negotiation, difficult personalities, biggest mistakes
If you come to a negotiation table saying you have the final truth, that you know nothing but the truth and that is final, you will get nothing.

Harri Holkeri


25,26,27 March 2015


World Trade Center, 10 Montreal Square, Bucharest


350 Euro +24% VAT


– 1 signed copy of “ The Elite Negotiator™ ” book

– DVDs of the negotiation simulations

– real time feedback from the trainer during program,

– lunch and coffee break for each day

– register 3 participants and receive the 4th place free or receive a 25% discount for more than 4 participants

Trainer, Author

Eugeniu D. Mihai


Eugeniu Mihai has over 18 years of business management and marketing experience in top management positions: 15 years in Procter & Gamble Balkans, 3.5 years of large international retail: real Hypermarket Romania.
He holds a Master of Science in Industrial Organic Chemistry from “ Politehnica ” University of Bucharest, Valedictorian, class of 1996.
Eugeniu is an awarded trainer of “Negotiation and Influencing Skills” and a Professor of “Business Administration and Finance” and of “ The Elite Negotiator™ ” at the Romanian International Advertisers Association School of Marketing & Communication.

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