Leading Effective Teams

It is difficult to imagine great leadership without great teams. Leaders cannot achieve results without the help of engaged, focused and aligned teams.

The Leading Effective Teams training program will help you learn to:

  • create a common vision for the team
  • prioritise team goals over individual interests
  • build trust between the team members
  • build a culture of open and constructive dialogue
  • hold team members accountable without damaging relationships

Who is the training for?

  • Managers
  • Organizations

What will you take away:


team leadership behaviors that quickly build your team trust


the causes behind team member conflicts


the constructive dialogue approach to align team members to the team priorities

“You must be the change you wish to see in your company or team.”

Program details

Interactive program

  • 70% active participation
  • 20% coaching between participants and trainers
  • 10% concepts for leading the team


  • Team effectiveness simulation
  • Effective teams’ ABCD essentials
  • Team development stages
  • Making decisions in the teams
  • Team vs individual dilemma


  • Different roles in the team
  • Development opportunities
  • Feedback & feedforward
Peer pressure and fairness are some of the most powerfull forces driving behavior in a team environment. Not tuning into these force can disengage many of your team members. Using them to your advantage can bond your team and drive team effectiveness towards great results.
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